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Henry Martin

Henry Martin

Henry Martin ‘Practical Chimney Sweep and Boiler Flue Cleaner’ (1850-1931) with his handcart loaded with the tools of his trade and decorated, presumably for a fete or procession.he location of this backyard view is unknown but Henry Martin resided at 4 Cross Street West (now Old Hall Road).

His services would have been much in demand in the days of coal fires and sooty chimneys.

A newspaper obituary dated March 1931 reported that ‘He was a native of Birmingham but came to Chesterfield about 50 years ago. He had been a chimney sweep all his life, having been apprenticed in the days when ‘chimney boys’ had to crawl up capacious chimneys. He was a familiar and popular figure in Brampton, but he was well known all over the district where he carried on his business. He worked regularly until about three months ago, when eye trouble restricted his activities. He will be much missed in Brampton, for he had a cheery word for everyone’.

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