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Old brampton war memorial unveiled

I am still working on the memorial page to those who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914-19. As part of my research I have been working through local newspaper archives and have now found a report containing the names of those young men from Old Brampton who made the ultimate sacrifice and who’s names were inscribed on the memorial at St Peter and St Paul’s Church. The memorial was unveiled on 7 November 1920 and commemorates the names of 25 young men killed in the conflict.

At the time of writing only two of those are already commemorated on the role of honour attached to this site. I shall now be starting work to add the remainder.

If you have any information about these individuals which will help us learn more of their story, please let me know.

There are also many young men remembered on the Brampton St Thomas War Memorial who’s names I don’t yet have, if anyone is able to help by photographing the name panels I would be most grateful.

The following names are from the Old Brampton memorial:

John Adlington

Tom Black

Walter Black

Ellis Bradbury

Ernest Bramall

Herbert Burman

Alfred Collis

William Cooper

Maurice Fletcher

Walter Gascoigne

Glossop Gill

Frank Hancock

Charles Edward Hill

Arthur Jackson

Joseph Jackson

Luke Jackson

Leonard Kingwell

Frank Nicholls

George Shaw

Herbert Simpson

Hugh Stroyan

Gervasse Turner

Thomas turner

Henry White

Robert Taylor Wright



5 thoughts on “Roll of Honour”

  1. Mrs Gina Clarke

    Cutthorpe School has a roll of honour with the names of old boys who were killed.
    I have the full story of Ellis Bradbury along with photos.
    We live in Barlow and are compiling history of Barlow/Cutthorpe and Holmesfield.

    1. Thank you for contacting us Gina.

      100 years after the Great War, we are still in debt to those who gave their lives, and indeed, to all those who contributed in their own way to the outcome of that terrible conflict.

      We’d be delighted to tell Ellis’ story here if you wish to share it. In the meantime, you will find some of his family already on the site:

      Best wishes with your history research, we look froward to hearing more about that too.

      1. Mrs Gina Clarke

        We hold quite a lot of photos/stories. If you are local to the area perhaps you would like to visit and copy any items.
        Please email me and I will send details of phone no etc

  2. My great grandad William Hopkinson is on the war memorial, he was a seargeant wounded on the Somme and then died from his injuries at Albert in France (where his grave is), at the end of June 1916. My father (his grandson) who is 86 visited his grave in Albert last year for the centenary. We are very proud of our heritage. I was born in Brampton on John Street in 1957, and moved up onto Chatsworth Road until my marriage in 1977.

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