The train now standing..

Branch Line

Mass transport came of age in the mid 19th century. By the 1860s more local transport infrastructure was required in order to connect industrial consumers and producers

The Brampton Mile

Anyone who grew up or lived in Brampton probably knows their own version of ‘The Brampton Mile’.  A legendary mile long stretch of Chatsworth Rd which at one time was home to about twenty Public Houses, Inns or Taverns.

We Will Remember Them

These ordinary men, from ordinary families, played an extraordinary role in what remains one of the most horrific and deadly conflicts in human history. It seems to me to be a dreadful omission and an injustice that we have not done more to recognise not only the service and sacrifice of the men themselves but also their families who suffered pain, loss, and grief beyond our imagination.

Which Brampton?

There was only one parish of Brampton, and it extended roughly throughout the area now covered by the two parishes. It was as a result of the rapid population growth brought by new developing industries in the early 19th century, that the ancient parish was divided to better serve both the rural and the urban populations.

Bradbury Hall, Brampton

Bradbury Hall provided much needed temporary shelter during the war years, becoming a registered rest centre. At the end of the war in 1945 it continued to provide welfare facilities for Robinsons and then finally in 1984 it closed its doors to the staff as it was considered no longer suitable.

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