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The twentieth century was marked by numerous conflicts around the world, which touched more ordinary families than any previous war. The communities of Brampton were no exception.

We owe an immense debt of gratitude to all those who lived, worked and fought through those conflicts. They gave us the freedoms we enjoy today.

Elsewhere on this site, I will explore the effects on those who worked and lived locally through the two great wars of 1914 – 1919 and 1939 – 1945. Here, I want to pay tribute to the young men who made the ultimate sacrifice.

All these years later, it is easy to forget that the names etched on war memorials were the sons, husbands and fathers of local families. They went to school and worked in the community, much as our young people do today. They were young men, some barely 18 or 19 years old, who should have been enjoying the things young people have always enjoyed. Instead, they were called to serve in battles they could not have understood. They fought in conditions we cannot begin to imagine. And they died. Gave their lives in far off places in the belief their sacrifice would secure a way of life for their families and future generations.

They are our honoured few.

Cemeteries and Memorials

Albert Communal Cemetery Extension

Albert Communal Extension

The Extension was used by fighting units and Field Ambulances from August 1915 to November 1916, and more particularly in and after September 1916, when Field Ambulances were concentrated at Albert. From November 1916, the 5th Casualty Clearing Station used it for two months. From March 1917, it was not used (except for four burials

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The Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintain the greaves and memorials to over 1.7M service men and women around the world.

They also maintain a comprehensive casualty database which you can search online at:

The National Archives hold millions of records relating to all aspects of military service.

Collection catalogues are available to search and many records available for download at:


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